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Overdraft Credit Line


Need a little extra cash? Write yourself a loan! Looking for flexible over-draft protection? Safeguard your account automatically!

Credit line checking attaches a personal line of credit to your checking account to protect you against overdrafts and gives you extra spending power. If the amount of your check exceeds your account balance, credit line checking will automatically advance you money in $100 increments up to your approved credit limit. Best of all, credit line checking is free if you don't use it.

Make your purchases with the confidence you can get only from Credit Line Checking!


It happens to the best of us. We keep close tabs on our finances, but suddenly lose track of our expenses and write one too many checks. No need to worry.

Bounce Protection is an overdraft privilege limit automatically assigned to checking accounts maintained in good standing. Just make regular deposits and bring your account to a positive balance at least once every 30 days, and we may approve reasonable overdrafts up to the Bounce Protection limit for your account as a non-contractual courtesy . Bounce Protection is a courtesy we extend to our customers in good standing, you are only responsible for the standard NSF fee ($32.00) for each item charged.

Account to Account Transfer

Account to account transfer allows you to tie two accounts together for account balance protection.

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