Financial Education

National Get Smart About Credit Day

Credit is a fact of life for most Americans. But while good credit can help you realize your dreams, bad credit can threaten your financial future. That's why it's important to learn how to make wise credit decisions. OMNIBANK's team has the experience to help you and your family understand how to build credit and make smart financial choices.

Of course, financial habits form early in life. That's why annually in October, OMNIBANK joins bankers from around the country in observing national Get Smart About Credit Day, visiting high school classrooms, youth groups, and college campuses. Educating young people about credit today will help them make better decisions tomorrow.

National Teach Children To Save Day

In April OMNIBANK takes part in the ABA Education Foundation's "Teach Children to Save" program which is specifically tailored for kids K-12. OMNIBANK knows the importance of teaching our young ones the value of savings and money management. The "Teach Children to Save" program includes real life lessons about how interest makes money grow, the difference between wants and needs, and the importance of budgeting to achieve goals. The resource kit includes age-appropriate material for youngsters, tweens, and teens and offers them the opportunity to develop real skills they can use everyday.
The highlight of the program is National Teach Children to Save Day, happening annually in April. On that day, bankers around the country make presentations to thousands of kids spotlighting the importance of saving money and how to do it. Get your resource kit today!

So check out our online resource and get on your way to financial literacy today!

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