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Trip to Bountiful Cafe' and Bakery


Having been in the catering business for some time, Becky Nichols always wanted to open her own cafe, but tough times struck when her daughter Libby died of Leukemia in the 90's. After a tough family fight with this tragedy, Becky tried to rebound by moving forward with her business plan. She ran into road blocks everywhere. She went to the City of Austin “Meet the Lender Night”, year in and year out, trying to find an ear for her plan - two years ago, we listened and went thru various rounds of proposals. Today, she is blowing and going in the Westwood shopping village in the heart of Westlake/Rollingwood. She is well known for her eats and treats, particularly, her Loving Libby cookies, the proceeds of which go towards The Leukemia Foundation.