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Bank of the Ozarks customers now have access to 55,000 ATMs nationwide, free of any surcharge!

Effective August 6, 2008, all Bank of the Ozarks customers will have access to the Allpoint Network for surcharge-free ATMs. This network is the largest surcharge-free network of ATMs with 55,000 ATMs nationwide. For your safety and convenience, Allpoint ATMs are located at retail stores throughout the country, including Walgreen, Target, CVS and others.  You can find the Allpoint ATMs closest to your home, office or vacation spot by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. The locator will then display the Allpoint ATMs most conveniently located to you. There is no need to get a new Bank of the Ozarks ATM or debit card. Your existing ATM or debit card will automatically be accepted at the Allpoint ATMs.

To identify the Allpoint ATMs at retail outlets, look closely for the Allpoint logo on the ATM machine. ATMs which are owned by other financial institutions located in grocery stores and other retailers are not part of the Allpoint network. You can also search for ATMs in your area by visiting the Allpoint web site.

If you don't have Internet access, simply contact your closest Bank of the Ozarks branch for a list of Allpoint ATMs convenient to you. For more information contact us at 713-749-0680, 1-877-276-8004, or visit us at



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